Endorsed Suppliers

Endorsed Suppliers


The variation in specifications of various catalogue products, coupled with the varying requirements of the Members, produce a situation in which clear comparisons between tender submissions are impossible to make. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that these are often not regular purchase items but rather a once or twice a year event, quite often of a high dollar value that requires some comparative quoting. This makes creating formal TAG contract categories difficult.

To that end, a number of these categories are better represented by the TAG Endorsed Supplier program.

Please consider the endorsed suppliers representing the categories in every instance that you require pricing on their respective products. There will be up to three endorsed suppliers for each of the categories so that you can source competetive quotes from each if necessary.

The TAG endorsement is designed to give you peace of mind in that each of the endorsed suppliers has a relationship with TAG, and that they understand the complex needs of TAG Members. They also understand the potential value to them of TAG, and are aware that there will be, in most instances, an endorsed competitor against which they may have to prove themselves. This should ensure that price, quality and service remains at an acceptable level.

You will be updated each time a new endorsed supplier is added. (Please note that some of the links below will be activated shortly, once final details are confirmed).


Beverage Distribution

Binders & Presentation Plastics

Breakfast Beverages

  • Freedom Foods

Cleaning Solutions:

Cookies and Biscuits:


Coffee Carts & Mobile Catering Units

  • MVU
Computer Peripherals
  • Cadbury

Convenience Retail Products

Energy Strips

Foodservice Packaging

Graduation Bears

Health Insurance

Juices - Premium

Liquor Wholesale


Managed Services

Memorabilia and Graduation Accessories

Office Stationery

Parcel Freight


Portable Memory (USB sticks, external hard drives, etc)

Promotional Items (including banners and signage)

Stationery - Notepads, Exercise Books, etc

Student Services Management Software


Sports Equipment and Supplies

Sports Uniforms

Table Water

Vending - Meals

Vending - Tech
Washroom Supplies

Water, Alkaline 

Water Vending Machines

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