The TAG FLAG - Our CSR Program


By today’s definition, good business governance requires planning for long term viability and taking responsibility for the effects our business decisions have on global and local environments, communities and economies.

TAG's most successful achievement to date in supporting good governance and ethical, sustainable procurement is the TAG FLAG - a comprehensive best practice vendor profiling tool. The TAG FLAG aims to identify and promote companies that strive for a fair and ethical balance between all aspects of the triple bottom line - People, Planet, Profit and highlight the levels of corporate responsibility taken by TAG member contract holders and suppliers. 

TAG FLAG Surveys

Suppliers to TAG Members are asked to complete the comprehensive TAG FLAG Company Survey, which includes a Product Survey where physical products are supplied.

Answers provided are rated against worldwide best practice and used to compile relevant company and product profiling reports for each supplier. Supporting documentation will also be requested to verify claims.

The profiling reports assist TAG members to improve their own good governance by understanding the operating practices of their business partners. By highlighting operational practices and product impacts of TAG member supply partners, TAG members can mitigate their own operational and reputational risks and promote their own good business practices. 

The TAG FLAG surveys address a multitude of important facets of business operations such as:

  • resource management policies
  • human, economic and environmental risks
  • supply chain information
  • manufacturing protocols
  • production and transportation policies
  • human rights and labour practices
  • overall corporate governance and impact responsibility

TAG FLAG Tender Comparisons

Comparison charts within the program provide TAG members with a snap shot of how competing companies and products rate against each other. 

The comparison functions within the TAG FLAG program also allows the TAG Commercial Development committee to compare competing category products and supply companies for the process of determining tendering contract outcomes.

Registration for the TAG FLAG

For further details on how to register your company within the TAG FLAG platfrom please contact the TAG Corporate Social Responsibilty coordinator:

Shahrin Leontarou - E: [email protected], P: 02 4322 1205 M: 04705 839 694.

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