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Did you know that one third of Australia's 18-24 year olds attend university? Our co-operative presents an important gateway into the million strong national tertiary student market. But it doesn't end there; our members service over 150,000 staff on campuses, and there are a further 1.5 million community users of tertiary facilities nationally.

Contracts and agreements held by TAG are currently worth over $40M, but it 's not just potential sales volumes that make TAG important to suppliers. In many cases, there is a more critical consideration: the customer demographic that we represent. They are the 18-24, newly independent, early-adopter, proto-affluent tertiary student. They repeatedly over-index in the take-up of new products and trends. Savvy suppliers value the brand equity that can be built with Australian university students.

TAG sits in the middle of this, providing the singular and focussed communication channel between suppliers, members and the student end-user. We provide a simplified control point for relationships that may encompass dozens of campuses spread across the country.

TAG spends more time on Australian campuses than any other student service organisation. Our deep understanding of this extremely complex landscape is integral to the success of our strategic partnerships.

Suppliers and service providers may become Strategic Partners with TAG through a number of methods:

  • Tendering for and subsequently winning a national or regional supply contract for a range of goods and services
  • Seeking an Endorsed Supplier Status for non-contracted goods or services
  • Offering support through commercial incentives on non-contracted goods or services

Outcomes such as these underpin discounted student prices on campuses. Clearly, TAG plays an important role for campus service organisations, not only in a straight commercial sense, but for what programs and services that revenue, enhanced by savings leveraged through the co-operative, provides for students.

Obviously, the support of our Strategic Partners is important and appreciated and is the foundation of strong and mutually beneficial relationships.

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