Online Board Induction Course Further Reading

Further reading for TAG Board Induction modules 1-4

Have you completed the board induction modules?

Would you like to read extra material to gain a better understanding of being a board director?

You’ve come to the right place! Below you’ll find the extra reading suggested by Jeito’s Martin Grey, the board induction course author. 


Module 1
‘The fish rots from the head.’ Bob Garratt, Profile Books Revised 2003
Building Better Boards. David Nadler, Beverley A Behan, Mark B Nadler. Jossey-Bass 2006
OECD Principles of Corporate Governance 2004. Access from
Review of Corporate Governance of Statutory Authorities and Office Holders  John Uhrig. (June 2003)
The Cadbury Committee. The Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance (London, Gee & Co 1992
The Turnbull Report: Internal Control: Guidance for Directors on the Combined Code. London Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales 1999
Corporate Governance, Robert Tricker Gower Press, 1984
Corporate Governance - principles, policies and practices, Oxford University Press, 2009
King Code of Governance for South Africa 2009


Module 2
The Corporations Act 2003
Duties and Responsibilities of Directors and Officers Prof Robert Baxt, AICD Publication
Review of the Role and Effectiveness of Non- Executive Directors. Prof Derek Higgs 2003
Bond Law Review 33: The Statutory Business judgement Rule. Putting the Wind into Director’s Sails. By Professor Annette Greenhow. Visiting Professor of Law, Bond University 1999
Australian Standard  8004-2003


Module 3
Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) Guide to Good Reporting Practice
ASX Principles of Good Corporate Governance and Best Practice
Dr JOHN F LAKER, Chair of Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, Speech to British Chamber of Commerce, Melbourne 27 February 2013
Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (UK) on Board Behaviours 2009
Walker Review of Corporate Governance in UK Banks and other Financial Entities July 2009
Higgs Review of the Role and effectiveness of non-executive directors Jan 2003
Guidance for Directors CAMAC Report April 2010
‘How to Review a Company’s Financial Reports – A Guide for Boards’ (the ‘AICD Guide’)
Report of the Independent Governance Review of the Co-operative Group. Lord Myners May 2014
Report by Sir Christopher Kelly into the events leading to the Co-Operative Bank's capital shortfall 2014


Module 4
Strategic Asset Board. National Association of Corporate Directors. (NACD) Blue Ribbon Committee
Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee (CAMAC) Guidance for Directors Report April 2010
Financial Stability Board (FSB) Thematic  Review on Risk Governance  Peer Review Report 12 February 2013
ASX Principles of Good Corporate Governance and Best Practice
The innovators Dilemma by Clayton Christensen
A Review of Corporate governance in UK Banks and other Financial Entities July 2009
What Makes Great Boards Great. Harvard Business Review Sept 2002 By Professor Sonnenfeld
Corporate Governance and Chairmanship. Sir Adrian Cadbury
JOHN F LAKER Chair of Australian Prudential Regulation Authority speech  to the Australian British Chamber of Commerce, Melbourne February 2013
Thematic Review on Risk Governance by the Financial Stability Board. Feb 2013
UK Corporate Governance Code September 2012 

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