Responsible Business

By today’s definition, good business governance requires planning for long term viability and taking responsibility for the effects our business decisions make on our global and local environments, communities and economies.

Universities are seen to be leading organisations, operating as best practice institutions in education, research and good governance. 

Tertiary institutions also provide the perfect environment and opportunities for students to flex their consumer voices and demand that their institutions meet globally aligned trends and expectations for sustainable goals and outcomes.

Tertiary Access Group members are an important interface between the tertiary students experience on campus and the wider world. TAG members are not only there to engage and support students but to provide vital services that underpin a students day to day requirements on campus.


TAG provides many resources to support and assist its members in all aspects of these operational requirements. From shared member initiatives and operational guides such as sustainable event management, efficient office management, food waste management to preferred 'green' rated suppliers and contracts, ethical and environmental purchasing protocols and more.

TAG's most successful achievement in supporting good governance and ethical, sustainable procurement is the TAG Flag - a comprehensive best practice questionnaire and profiling tool .

The TAG FLAG Rated against worldwide best practice, the program requires all TAG suppliers to complete a comprehensive questionnaire process. Questionnaire answers are rated and the data used to compile profiling reports associated with each company and their products, highlighting important operational practices and product metrics. 

The profiling reports are designed to assist TAG members to improve their own good governance and mitigate operational risks by understanding the operating practices of the business partners they engage with. Comparison charts within the program also provide TAG members with a snap shot of how competing companies and products rate against each other. 


TAG Member Community

If you're a TAG member who's interested in or responsible for looking after the health and wellbeing of students on your campus, as well as the wider environment, and you're keen to be kept up to date with responsible business practices and sustainable products,TAG now offers you an opportunity to access to the TAG FLAG, responsible business resources throughout this website and networking opportunites with like minded people from other universities and TAFEs.

News, ideas, product updates, resources and lots more relevant to all areas of TAG member operations are all available throughout this website.

By empowering our members to engage, we can enhance the student experience on campuses throughout Australia.

Ways to Engage:

Information sharing: Send us your photos, tell us about your events, let us now about a great supplier agreement, share your resources, be involved in data collection.

Attend TAG events: TAG Unplugged, TAG CAMP, CampusLink and our CampusLink Awards

Attend other campus events: Get to know what's happening on other campuses

Ask for help, provide tips and offer feedback: Join the TAG Facebook page, members can post a question to the group or email a member directly!

Join our communications: Sign up to our TAG newsletters, like our social pages, and join our groups

If you require any further information please contact [email protected]

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