Main Image - Wings for Life - help find a cure for spinal cord injuries

Wings for Life - help find a cure for spinal cord injuries

Wings for Life World Run is being held this weekend. Why not get involved with our friends from Red Bull and help the Wings for Life foundation to find a cure for spinal cord injuries.

Due to the risk of COVID restrictions, there won’t be a flagship event but rather Organised App Runs at key locations. For those unable to attend an Organised App Run, there is also a possibility to run wherever you are using the Wings for Life World Run App.

A refresher on the event concept –

  • The Wings for Life World Run is an event with a twist: there is no finish line. At 9pm AEST on Sunday May 9th all participants will commence the race. No matter what the time zone or country you’re in around the world, we all start as one.
  • After 30 minutes of running a virtual catcher car in the App will take off at 14km/h pace and steadily increase until all athletes have been caught. Once it catches you, you’re eliminated from the race.
  • The aim is to run as far as you can and ultimately to be the last person caught - remember this is a global event, you’re competing against people from all over the world, so keep running to become the Australian or even the global champion!  
  • Because there is no finish line this is an event for all abilities. Walk 1km or run 45km, just do your best and raise money for a great cause.
  • The event has a $15 entry with 100% of proceeds going towards spinal cord injury research. In Australia there are 5 research projects being funded by the Wings For Life Foundation. Learn more here.
  • You can download the “Wings for Life” app and register yourself & your team to one of our many runs around Australia.

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