Main Image - The TAG FLAG flies again - your tool for responsible business

The TAG FLAG flies again - your tool for responsible business

Students and universities are increasingly active in instigating higher levels of responsible business on campuses. Are you ahead of the game and focused on improved responsibility, or are you at risk of being steamrolled for being too slow to act?

The updated, and now online, version of TAG's Corporate Responsibility profiling tool, the TAG FLAG, was recently launched at CampusLink 2017.

Based on global best practice benchmarking, the TAG FLAG is the most comprehensive company and product profiling tool available anywhere within the tertiary sector.

The TAG FLAG aims to indentify and promote companies that strive for a fair and ethical balance between all aspects of the triple bottom line - People, Planet, Proft and all TAG suppliers are required to complete the TAG FLAG questionnaires.

The resultant profiling reports are designed to assist TAG members to improve their own good governance by understanding the operating practices and impacts of the business partners they engage with. 

The platform features:

  • an easy to navigate dashboard,
  • comprehensive product category profiling,
  • updated questions and resources for suppliers and members,
  • action reports for improved outcomes and ratings plus
  • highly detailed company and product information.

The overall improved functionality of the TAG FLAG will provide users with a comprehensive profile of information relating to environmental, social and ethical credentials and ratings of potential risks. 

Do you want to be ahead of the game, understand your impacts, make responsible supply chain decisions, mitigate risks and withstand scrutiny from students and campus administration - all while improving your own responsible business outcomes? Then use the TAG FLAG!

TAG FLAG access is free for suppliers and annual fee-paying TAG members. 

Non fee paying members can access the TAG FLAG for an annual fee of $4,000.

Please contact [email protected] for non fee paying member access details or any queries relating to the TAG Flag.

 Partial snapshot of the TAG FLAG Dashboard: