Main Image - The 2019 TAG Census - stand up and be counted

The 2019 TAG Census - stand up and be counted

TAG is your member-owned student services co-operative. We work to ensure positive collective outcomes for our members. To best achieve these outcomes in 2019, it is important that we understand the lay of the complex student services landscape at the start of this year. 

This requires identifying areas of improvement for a clear, meaningful and effective strategic plan. To do this, we need your assistance in completing our 2019 TAG Member Census. By answering all of the questions, you will provide invaluable information that will assist us in developing programs and services that will benefit all members and the tertiary students they service. 

We greatly value your feedback and ask that you please assist us by completing the following census by Friday 01 March 2019, to help direct our future planning. Results will be presented at CampusLink 2019 in Sydney and then available on our website, but all data will remain anonymous. 

The census has been emailed to the heads of TAG member organisations.To make the task simpler, we have split the census into 5 separate modules relevant to respective department heads i (if applicable) to help share the work around!

General Management   

Commercial Services 

Student Outcomes  

Marketing and Communications  

Salary Survey 

We thank you in advance for your participation.

If you are the head of your organisation and have not received your census yet, please contact [email protected]