Main Image - TAG/SEN 2021 Board Election - Call for Nominations

TAG/SEN 2021 Board Election - Call for Nominations

I hope everyone is keeping well under these unusual times we all find ourselves in. I know a lot of campuses will be doing it tough under lockdown and our thoughts are with you all.

You would have previously received communication from the SEN office advising you of our upcoming election, candidates, and ballot process.

Since the call for nominations was made, SEN has received notification from NSW Fair Trading that the model rule changes, accepted at the recent Special General Meeting, have been approved by the Registrar. This has occurred much quicker than anticipated. What this now means for the membership, is that our election must now be conducted under the updated rules. As is best practice, we will be starting the process from scratch again, so that we are compliant with these new rules.

For those members familiar with our previous process, there will be a few notable changes to the election, including:

1.            Nominees are required to collect endorsements from two separate members. Currently only one is required.

2.            The election will be conducted at the AGM via an e-ballot system.

3.            A returning officer will also be elected at the AGM by the membership.

4.            The results of the election will be declared at the AGM.

The AGM shall be shortly called once the year end audit has been finalised, with a likely date of end of September or early October.

And so, we are now calling again for nominees for the SEN Board. There are currently 4 x positions becoming vacant, as well as a 1-year position as a casual director following our previous chair’s resignation. Candidates that previously nominated earlier this year will need to do so again if they would still like to stand, so that we can ensure we meet the requirements under the new rules. This includes any current directors standing for re-election. I can say wholeheartedly that joining the SEN Board is one of the most worthwhile things I have done, and strongly encourage anyone with a passion for this industry and organisation to stand for election. You will be joining a voracious, passionate, knowledgeable board of your peers who are keenly focused on supporting our members to re-energise campus life. Nominations are required to be returned no later than 5.00 pm AEST, 27th August 2021 to [email protected]

Attached below is the new nomination form, as well as a copy of our finalised model rules as approved by the Registrar of Trading Cooperatives for members’ reference. I very much look forward to welcoming our new directors to the SEN Board.

Jess Reed

Chair, Student Experience Network.