Main Image - TAG to introduce annual service fee

TAG to introduce annual service fee

Following on from the recent announcement that the TAG Board was introducing a member services fee, the fee scale was released to the wider membership, and presented at the TAG CAMP and AGM this week at UTS, where it was unanimously received by the more than 50 attending members.

2016 has been a year of transition for TAG. The integration of AACA and ACUMA has transformed us from a buying cooperative to a true member services organisation. 

We have expanded from our original core activities of aggregated purchasing and the CampusLink conference and trade fair. We are now administering the national competitions, investigating leadership programs and benchmarking member activities and services, amongst providing many other benefits. 

The TAG Board is proud of what has been accomplished since the integration. TAG members are increasingly supported in a large number of valuable ways: 

  • Negotiated pricing and rebates on goods and services. These are amongst the best around, and are currently worth more than $7M per year to members.
  • The TAG website and regular TAG newsletters. These keep members resourced, in touch and informed.
  • Access to regularly updated member directories. This fosters TAG community interactivity.
  • Access to the TAG Flag, our comprehensive ethical and environmental company and product profiling tool.
  • Free registration to the annual flagship student services conference and trade fair, CampusLink.
  • Free member events throughout the year. These include the TAG CAMP (Committee and Management Planning), Unplugged and campus visits. This builds an informed and connected TAG membership.
  • The TAG Advantage app, for easy access to limited-run commercial deals.
  • Amplified marketing positioning, such as free media kit advertising on the TAG website.
  • Access to large scale marketing and promotional campaigns. These are underpinned by TAG’s national student reach.
  • Preferential support from product and service providers, recognising the national status of TAG.
  • The CampusLink Awards, national recognition for the best student services provided by members.
  • The National Campus Barista Competition, recognising the skills of members’ employees.
  • The National Campus Competitions: Band, DJ and Art. These recognise the talents of the students TAG members represent.
  • Support for student engagement activities. These include dedicated Facebook accounts, group phone conferences and forums.
  • A growing resource library of survey results, benchmarking, reports and templates.
  • Training and professional development opportunities and discounts through recognised industry specialists.
  • Discounted TAG professional consulting services. These include business reviews, selection panel participations and one-on-one coaching and advice.
  • TAG special interest member forums.
  • Wider sector support and representation. This presents a unified face of the national student services sector.
  • Personal and professional  growth opportunities by participating on one of our committees or the TAG Board 

We are a not-for-profit organisation representing not-for-profit members. We depend upon each other to be able to continue to grow our organisation to its full potential. With input from our five committee, the TAG Board of Directors has spent much of this year identifying the future shape and scope of TAG. It is recognised that we must continue to grow our value through services as listed above.  Many of these important services don’t provide financial returns to the organisation, but are valuable to members.  

In the past members have paid subscriptions to ACUMA and AACA. TAG is supported by the administration fees on its contracts. These once adequately funded the resources required to remain a successful and relevant buying cooperative. However, a decreasing number of members operate commercial businesses, straining this traditional funding model. This jeopardises our ability to continue grow and strengthen our member services. 

From January, 2017, an annual service fee will be applied to all members. This will ensure the ongoing viability and growth of the group as your national student services organisation. This fee will keep us responsive to the changing needs of our members. It will enable us to be adaptable to the demands of the constantly changing sector. It will assure that our output continues to strengthen, ensuring you can be confident that your benefits will increase from our comprehensive and growing suite of relevant services. 

We are confident we have developed a fee model that will enable TAG’s services to be accessible to members and make certain the organisation is sustainable over the longer term. 

The fees are attached below for your reference. If you are unsure how the fee will affect your organisation please do not hesitate to contact us.

Further information and FAQs are attached below.


Andrew Woodward, TAG Chair