Are you in need of some positiviT?

Sep 2021

The positiviT project is the new focus of former QUT Guild General Manager and TAG Chair, Paul Clayton. The organisation aims to improve...… Read more

Comfort Food for difficult times

Sep 2021

In difficult times such as these, it is natural to turn to comfort foods. And what fits the bill for students better than good...… Read more

Reduce labour costs with ready-made bakery products

Sep 2021

With the ongoing disruption of COVID, many members are operating with reduced staff. The Handmade Food Co is an Australian family-owned...… Read more

Saintly Hard Seltzer - God its good

Sep 2021

Saintly is an Australian made and owned hard seltzer, a lively, pure and natural alcoholic sparkling water that’s as refreshing as it...… Read more

Lion Beer rebates converting to off-invoice discounts

Sep 2021

As of October 1st, all Lion Beer rebates will be converted to a discount off-invoice. … Read more

A new era for our beverages contracts

Sep 2021

Effective immediately, and for the first time in our history, our non-alcoholic beverages contracts are coming under the one banner, in...… Read more

PFD price update

Aug 2021

PFD has advised that there will be product price increases effective 1st July 2020… Read more