Main Image - TAG extends its consulting reach

TAG extends its consulting reach

Did you know that outside of its usual scope of activity, TAG offers members a range of consultation services?  If you attended CampusLink, you may have sat in on the very topical presentation by Graeme McCormack of Food Associates - "The Rise and Rise of the Foodie Generation"

As an extension of our regular consulting, we now offer an amplified food and beverage consultation service. Foodscape Tertiary Food Solutions is a collaborative venture with Graeme and his team at Food Associates. This not only provides the critical tertiary insights of TAG, but also the extensive experience of our partner in the areas of food and FMCG strategy, innovation and trends, as well as product and menu development, and brand development.

University students are known for their early-adopting ways and demands for innovation and quality. Food Associates have worked with major food-to-go chains such as Sumo Salad, Soul Origin and Thrive, as well as regularly visiting food hot spots in New York and London, keeping abreast of the latest food trends. This well places them to be able to consult on what is hot, what is not and how best to apply that to your campus.

Adding this expertise to TAG's deep understanding of the complexities of delivering campus services means that TAG members can now access valuable, real-time, comprehensive advice and support to assist in delivering the best in services to your campus community.

If you are interested in discussing any requirements for your organisation, please contact us