Main Image - TAG CAMP 2019 - a great success!

TAG CAMP 2019 - a great success!

TAG CAMP 2019 was held Thursday 12th and Friday 13th of September at the Holme Building at The University of Sydney.

60 delegates from 20 member organisations were kindly hosted last year by The University of Sydney Union for the day and a half Committee and Management Planning event at the iconic Holme Building on the University of Sydney campus

It was busy on the various committee tables, where committee members and other delegates worked through the relevant challenges of our dynamic organisation and set in place goals and plans for the coming year. As always, CAMP provided plenty of opportunity for discussion and planning focusing on how to best maximise TAG's ability to deliver the best in services to its members and position itself as a leader in the tertiary services sector.

These committee discussions were supported by a number of presentations relevant to the goals of each of the committees.

Thursday evening, a fantastic spread of food and drinks downstairs at The Courtyard provided the backdrop for a fun social evening. 

CAMP is an important opportunity for members to have input into the decision making process. It is invaluable on many levels for members from all areas of our sector. It allows us to get to know each other. It provides us with a voice and an avenue of communication, helps us build our team, strengthens our relationships and defines a mutually beneficial path. This is an important part of what makes us stronger as a group.

Each committee, with the input of other members attending, develop and present their key aims and goals for the organisation, from the perspective of their various specialised areas. These then go to the Board for review, and inclusion wherever relative to the TAG strategic plan in 2020.

Here are the primary goals for 2020 from each committee.

Student Outcomes Committee:

- The potential creation of a Volunteering sub-committee, with a specific focus on this important area.

- Quarterly dial-ins recorded and made available online.

- Monthly emails prompting for content/resources/ideas/tools based on themes, and for contact updates.

- Encouraging members to make our national competitions more of an operational addition to communications plans, and to add a personal factor by seeking out and approaching relevant groups on their campuses.

- Investigating potential ideas for new national competitions for roll-out in 2020.


Commercial Development Committee:

- A significant reworking of our approach to the current national TAG vending contract to address the rapidly shifting and diversifying needs of members 

- Improving TAG's financial position through a focus on member compliance to terms of agreements. 

- Increasing the range of preferred supplier relationships in diversified needs such as POS systems.

- Leverage of existing relationships to be more beneficial to TAG across all facets of operations, not only commercial services.

- Strengthen the depth and frequency of concise commercial surveys as well as the annual benchmarking.


Clubs & Societies Committee:

- Collate existing resources and identify the gaps to avoid reinventing the wheel for the proposed Clubs Officer Induction Modules.

- Introduce more more networking opportunities, encourage and support state-based meetings.

- Encourage members to contribute to the resource library, create a spirit of "share and compare".

- Benchmarking to include more clubs specific information such as insurance, facilities and resources available, and fees.

- Create a virtual suggestion box for relevant CampusLink sessions.


Sport & Fitness Committee;

- Building a catalogue of sport and fitness-focused campaigns, initiatives and events.

- Explore relationships with external community and industry initiatives, and embrace the future and work to build knowledge and involvement in new areas such a E-Sports.

- Purchasing opportunities both obvious and obscure (from gym equipment to grass seed) to provide value to TAG and its members.

- Working more closely with the Clubs & Societies Committee to look specifically at the needs of campus sports clubs.

- Strengthening the committee framework by recruiting from States currently not represented (WA and SA).


We're sure you'll agree this will be a very productive day and a half and will set an ambitious path for 2020. 


TAG CAMP also included the TAG AGM, held directly after lunch on Thursday. The 2019 Annual Report is available to download below


TAG CAMP is a FREE event for service fee-paying financial Members.

Non-financial members are welcome to attend at a cost of $189.00/delegate.