Main Image - TAG CAMP 2018. Another great TAG member event!

TAG CAMP 2018. Another great TAG member event!

Last week members gathered at UNSW for our annual TAG CAMP meeting. Thanks to Shelley and her team at Arc @ UNSW, An excellent turn out of 65 delegates resulted in some robust discussion and lots of great ideas for how each of our committees can enhance the service and offering for students and members. The TAG staff will now collate these ideas and start to prioritise items for implementation.

CAMP is an important opportunity for members to have input into the decision making process. It is invaluable on many levels for members from all areas of our sector. It allows us to get to know each other. Provides us with a voice and an avenue of communication. Helps us build our team, strengthens our relationships and define a mutually beneficial path. This is an important part of what makes us stronger as a group.

Each committee, with the input of other members attending, developed and presented their key aims and goals for the organisation, from the perspective of their various specialised areas. The primary among these are featured below. These now go to the Board for review, and inclusion wherever relative to the TAG strategic plan in 2019.


Leadership Development Committee

- Improved communication for all committees via committee-specific Workplace for Facebook groups including a ‘TAG General’ category.

- Developing and introducing Women in Leadership and peer-to-peer mentoring programs. 

- Creating TAG introductory collateral that can be embedded into member organisations' staff inductions.

- Continued focus on the online Student Director Induction Modules, including downloadable course handbook upon completion.

- Resource sharing for campaigns such as Respect Now Always, Be a Better Human and Ask For Angela.

- Resource sharing for TAG Flag and a proposed War on Waste on Campus campaign in conjunction with Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability.


Student Outcomes Committee

- A focus on a new suite of benefits for unsuccessful entrants of the UniSounds competition, such as campus gigs.

- Promotion of the benefits of participating in UniSounds regardless of whether they win - including the finals mentoring event -  featuring case-studies and testimonials of UniSounds alumni.

- Growing the very successful UniSights campus workshops held by the Canon Collective.

- February launch of our national writing prize, UniVerse, with solid industry experiences, internships or scholarships as outcomes.

- Investigating a potential comedy competition or a ‘Got Talent’ initiative in the future.

-  Enhanced and regular member input into communications; tell us what you want to see and provide content.


Commercial Development Committee

- A focus on improving communication: pre and post tender, special offers and deals, reminders of existing contracts and agreements.

- Improving TAG's financial position through a focus on member compliance to terms of agreements 

- Increasing the range of preferred supplier relationships in diversified needs such as POS systems.

- Introducing more networking/open sessions for commercial services members at CampusLink.

- Strengthen the depth and frequency of concise commercial surveys as well as the annual benchmarking.


Clubs & Socities Committee

- Continued investigation of the online clubs platform.

- Introduce more more networking opportunities, encourage and support state-based meetings.

- Encourage members to contribute to the resource library, create a spirit of "share and compare".

- Collate content ideas for proposed online Clubs Officer Induction Module.

- Investigate potential of inter-uni club programs and competitions.

- Investigate primary products required by clubs and societies on campus, engage suppliers accordingly.


Sport & Fitness Committee

This was the inaugural meeting of this new committee

- Purchasing opportunities both obvious and obscure (from gym equipment to grass seed) to provide value to TAG and its members.

- Introduce a CampusLink stream and awards.

- Create and distribute sport and fitness-specific surveys and benchmarking.

- Need to create a real and meaningful communication and network and resource library for sport members including membership database that provides searchable links.

- Embrace the future and work to build knowledge and involvement in new areas such a E-Sports

· Identify opportunities for region tournaments and games between universities, especially in non traditional sports and social competition.