Main Image - TAG 2019 Board Election - Call for Nominations

TAG 2019 Board Election - Call for Nominations

Announcing the 2019 TAG Board Election. Please see the attached Call for Nominations.

Four positions become vacant 12 September 2019, at the TAG AGM to be held at TAG CAMP in Sydney. 

The four vacancies are those of Mitch Trevena and Jane Caton and the vacated seats of Andrew Woodward and Geoff Brooke-Smith.

These vacancies are for the position of Director on the TAG Board for a two-year term of office commencing on 12 September 2019. Please note that under the TAG Rules, retiring Directors may stand for re-election.

TAG is a very diverse organisation, delivering services across a wide range of areas on more than 150 campuses across the country. It has experienced several years of growth and diversification that has required strategy and agility on behalf of the Board to ensure that we continue to survive and thrive.

As such, we encourage candidates from all levels from all organisational streams to nominate.

A term on the TAG Board is a wonderful opportunity for mid-level to senior managers to have valuable input into and learn about TAG and the wider university landscape. They are mentored and grow to help lead the sector.

If you are considering nominating to contest the election, please ensure that you read and understand the attached notice carefully and follow all instructions.

Please note that nominations close at 5.00 pm, Friday 9th August 2019.