Main Image - Student Workshops: Stress Less, Focus More

Student Workshops: Stress Less, Focus More

REMINDER - upcoming workshop NEXT Tuesday 30th March, 12.30pm Sydney time.

To support your students during these challenging times, TAG and Think Productive have teamed up to provide an additional workshop next week. The workshop will focus on providing students with tools from the simplest techniques to fancy apps, as well as looking at ways of shifting mindset to help manage home/study balance, isolation, and collaborating from a distance. 

These workshops could ordinarily cost your organisation up to $2000 to host independently, but TAG & Think Productive are offering them at a cost of $5 per student!

We would love to see TAG Members promoting these far and wide, to ensure students get access to these valuable support resources and start their year of studies on the right foot.

Access and registration for the workshop is via the TAG Eventbrite page - linked below.

Workshop Access 

Need promo material? No problem, check out the promo kit below. 

Promo Kit


TAG Members have two options:

1. promote the workshop at the student's expense but for a cost of only $5 

2. subsidise a limited number of tickets so your eager students get to attend for free!

If you would like to subsidise tickets please email [email protected] with the number of $5 tickets you would like to subsidise. We will then create your unique campus Promo Code which your students can use to register for the workshop for FREE! 

Need more info? Contact Shahrin at the TAG office on - 0405 839 694.