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Student Workshops: Stress Less, Focus More

We all hoped that 2021 would bring some element of our pre-COVID lifestyle. Some of our members will see the return of some physical foot traffic on campus, while for others life will remain online for a while longer, but it is safe to say that every one of our members will continue to adapt to the hybrid-format which will see some elements of 'from home' and some 'on campus' when it comes to student engagement.

To support our students during these challenging times, TAG and Think Productive have teamed up to provide two workshops in the early weeks of the academic year. The workshops will focus on providing students with tools from the simplest techniques to fancy apps, as well as looking at ways of shifting mindset to help manage home/study balance, isolation, and collaborating from a distance. 

Take a look at the Workshop Details and download the Promo Kit below, to schedule this into your O-Week communications. It's $5 to register and TAG Members have two options:

1. promote the workshops for a cost of $5, at the student's expense

2. subsidise a limited number of tickets for your students, so the student's attend at no cost

Workshop Details    Promo Kit

If you would like to subsidise tickets for your students, email [email protected] with the number of $5 tickets you would like to subsidise so that we can organise you a Promo Code. Your students can then utilise that Promo Code to register for the workshop time that suits their schedule.