Main Image - Stone & Wood Brewing - Welcome Aboard!

Stone & Wood Brewing - Welcome Aboard!

Our members have spoken and a number of you have expressed in interest in exploring an alternative offering in regards to TAG beer suppliers, to meet the needs of the student market. So with respectful consideration to our existing Supplier, TAG are proud to have developed a relationship with Stone & Wood.

S&W hold a philospohy that resinates strongly with TAG's purpose - a company that feel this is a part of their responsibility to support the people who support them through their community and environmental impact initiatives. 

The S&W team will have a presence at the CampusLink Trade Fair next week so make sure that you say g'day and see what they are all about and how they can support you, as a TAG Member. But in the meantime here is a snapshot.....

Who Are Stone & Wood?

Three mates chose to set up in Byron Bay in 2008, inspired by the idea of creating a village brewery and with the vision of building a conscious business. Traditionally, everyone in the community had a role to play - the butcher, the baker and the local brewer… A brewery didn't just supply fresh beer to the locals, it was the meeting place and it could also be relied upon to support the wider community.

They celebrate the fact that they are still a small fish in a fairly large pond, currently making up less than 1% of the Aussie beer market, emphasising that they're not trying to be the biggest or the best, they're trying to be good. 

Where Are Stone & Wood?

Their brewery in Byron Bay is their spiritual home and the birthplace of Stone & Wood. You can drop in for a tour, try their beers in the tasting room and it's where they produce some of our limited releases and untried, experimental Pilot Batch releases.

In 2014, they opened their second brewery up the road in Murwillumbah to try and meet the growing demand for their product. It was important to them to remain in the Northern Rivers (twhat they refer to as their 'Backyard') and invest in their community, rather than outsourcing their growth.

How Are They Priced?

Prices vary based on location, please refer to your relevant area below. 

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