Main Image - Recyclable and compostable food packaging from Colpac

Recyclable and compostable food packaging from Colpac


Elite Packaging is an industry leader in disposable paper and packaging products. Our company is a Sydney based manufacturer of paper and foil bags and one of the leading importers of plastic disposable packaging products. Quality is a key focus at Elite Packaging, and their dedicated team ensures a quality assurance process is maintained to ensure consistency, earning a reputation for providing reliable products to the Australian marketplace.

ELT also represent Colpac, a UK based company that manufactures sustainable food packaging, available in over 65 countries worldwide and in Australia for more than seven years.

The Colpac philosophy is one of successfully providing innovative products that are also environmentally sustainable with a wide range of eco-friendly recyclable and compostable products.

Colpac has combined with ELT Packaging, which provides a great opportunity for TAG members to become more sustainable in their approach to single-use food packaging.

Take a moment to check out the Colpac range or the wider ELT Packaging range

Elite Packaging’s capabilities allows them to manage concepts, design and manufacturing of products under the one roof to ensure quality and efficiencies are always met. Furthermore, they have a proven strong commitment to environmental sustainable products, offering a large range of products both paper and poly that meet these standards.

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