Main Image - NSW Container Deposit Scheme delayed again

NSW Container Deposit Scheme delayed again

For those of you with an interest in the impending introduction of the Container Deposit Scheme to NSW, here is an update on it's rocky introduction. 

  • The scheme won’t start here until Dec 1, 2017 – it has now been moved back twice.
  • The tenders for the Scheme Coordinator and the 7 Network Regions has been called and closed end of March.
  • There are 18 entities which have sought to tender. The key ones are those seeking the Network Regions which are the ones that the Universities will have to deal with as the Universities own the access to the consumer of the Cans and PET Bottles.
  • The EPA says the Network Region operators appear to have diverse goals, with some wanting all NSW and some wanting only select regions.
  • A Network Operator needs to have logistics, collections, storage and commodity pricing expertise and as there are a many new entities springing up to capitalise on the opportunity presented by the CDS, few if any have it all.

Here is the CDS NSW scheme operational outline.