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NEW Studying From Home Workshop

Earlier this year TAG and Productivity Ninja banded together to offer a couple of very successful interactive sessions specific to Studying From Home. They were a huge success, with hundreds of attendees, great tips, and plenty of interaction. As our students are finding their way through the new normal, it is vital that we, the tertiary student services sector, are offering the tools that students need to adapt.

Demand has been high for another workshop so here it is:

DATE: Thursday 22 October, 2020

TIME: 9.00 am -10.30 am


COST: $5 per student

Please let your students know that they can take part in this beneficial workshop at a significantly reduced cost of $5 per student.

If you would like to cover the cost of a number of tickets for your students, contact us at [email protected] Let us know how many $5 tickets you would like to purchase and we will set you up with a promo code, allowing your students to register for free.

Productivity Ninja will be giving your students inspiration, ideas, and tools specific to Studying From Home - from the simplest planning techniques to fancy apps as well as looking at ways of shifting mindset to help manage home/study balance, isolation, and collaborating from a distance. Each workshop has a maximum capacity of 500 attendees however should the interest be there, we will be happy to organise subsequent workshops.

How to promote it to your students: some promo items are saved HERE - but contact us if you need any customised artwork or specs.

Option 1 $5 for students to attend, at their own expense
eg 'Take a look at this awesome workshop especially for students. It's only $5 to attend so head to the website and register today'
Option 2: free for students to attend, at your organisation's expense
eg 'Take a look at this awesome workshop especially for students. The first (x) from our campus to register will get a free ticket,  if you miss out on a freeby you can still attend - it will just cost you $5. Head to the website to register and enter our promo code xxxxxx.'
How to subsidise tickets:
If you are keen to subsidise some tickets for your students:
1. email us and let us know how many tickets you would like to cover (maximum)
2. we will provide you a unique Promo Code that you can promote to your students, it will be limited to the maximum number of uses that you choose to subsidise
3. after the event, TAG will invoice you for the number of tickets that you specified.