Main Image - - A special offer for TAG members - A special offer for TAG members

No, not that Lynda!

TAG have recently partnered with and have negotiated the following employee benefit for you! owned by LinkedIn and Mircosoft are an online learning portal offering a wide range of on-demand courses in leadership, management, business skills, creative skills and much more. Organisations such as Universities have purchased annual subscriptions for their staff and students, however very few have extended the offer to our members. The annual subscription offers unlimited learning throughout the year as there is no limit to the amount of courses you do. 

Organisations can either purchase the subscription as an employee benefit or they can use it as part of the staff's development program. 

If organisations want to use the subscription as a training development plan, managers can create a sub profile and reassign it to a staff member. From the sub profile they are able to manage and track the individuals process.  

The annual subscription would normally cost US$375 per user per year. TAG can offer the subscription for as little as US$24 per person if we sign up 499 subscribers before 15 July. Our current tally stands at 80 subscriptions. 

If you would like to purchase a number of subscriptions for your staff, please respond Sally at [email protected] by 25 July. 

This is a great benefit to add to your EA negotiations and to attract new staff! Have a look at this video