Main Image - Introducing the TAG Discovery Box - product sampling simplified

Introducing the TAG Discovery Box - product sampling simplified

Here at the TAG office, we are faced with a steady stream of suppliers keen to crack the student market. Lots of new products from start-ups and established manufacturers alike. We turn a number away, others we introduce to members through our e-newsletters, Facebook groups and here on the website.

But, how do you know whether to range those products? How do they taste? Will they be suitable for ranging on your campus?

We are very pleased to announce our new TAG Discovery Box, an initiative to create a more inclusive approach to product ranging for members.

The program is 100% TAG branded and only promotes products from partners either engaged or, looking to engage in the TAG program for our 155 campus locations nationally.

Powered by Stock Box, this program will provide TAG members with an opportunity to try out and test physical samples of product for range inclusion.

An ability for member feedback will be included. This will provide TAG with clarity around potential product up-take, making ranging decisions a little easier for the management team.

Product partners will benefit from faster ranging decisions, and a better take-up rate if their products are awarded TAG Endorsed Supplier status.

For Stock Box it is an opportunity to engage with more product partners and, showcase the benefits of the greater Stock Box program, creating a win-win-win for all parties.

Launching in May, the program will cycle four times a year initially, and grow as more partners come on board.