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Introducing La Trobe Student Association Ltd.

La Trobe Student Association Ltd.

Making ‘student life better’ for every enrolled student at La Trobe University

La Trobe Student Association Ltd. (LTSA) is excited to announce that in a year marked by so many challenges, we have endured and overcome much adversity and collaboratively created a strong and united student association for every enrolled student at La Trobe University (LTU).  From January 2021, LTSA will be located on all six campuses at LTU providing Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF) funded support services previously offered by the Bendigo Student Association, La Trobe Student Union, Mildura Student Association, Shepparton Student Association and Wodonga Student Association. Leveraging off valuable lessons learnt during COVID-19, LTSA will also be extending our support to those students studying in the virtual lecture halls of LTU.  Whether on campus or on-line, LTSA exists to ‘make student life better’. 

Our focus is to retain an integral independent student representative voice. LTSA has the capacity to provide professional and passionate student representation across the entire University. Our student representative structure gives equal voice to every campus, including international student representation and has been designed to incorporate any future cloud-based student cohorts. A critical component to the success of any student association, is ensuring that students have a united voice. For the first time in LTU Student Association history, this has been achieved.  LTSA is governed by an elected student Governing Board of Directors, allowing every student on every campus to have an equal voice and equal vote.  Our foundational Constitution promotes an apolitical culture and fosters strong collaboration and genuine partnership with LTU to achieve outstanding student engagement. We also recognise the core role that activism plays within any successful student association and shall advocate for student rights. 

To ensure that students have access to the essential services of advocacy, financial counselling, legal advice, clubs and societies, events and well-being activities, LTSA will have a dedicated and enthusiastic team working for all students.  SSAF funding allocated to LTSA will assist us to offer exceptional, professional, engaging, fun, diverse and equitable support to all students.  We are passionate about student life and recognise the need to invest student money back into our students.  Through prudent and transparent management and accountability of SSAF funding, we will establish a foundation for the delivery of robust, sustainable and efficient services and support. We recognise that SSAF funding is finite and understand our responsibilities to support all students through SSAF. 

LTSA Ltd. is governed by students for students, is funded by student SSAF money, and exists to ‘make student life better’. We head towards 2021 united together with optimism and determination as we build a trusted, fun, professional, engaging and connected student association for the student community of LTU for decades to come.   


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