Main Image - Goodbye MUSUL Services, Hello University of Melbourne

Goodbye MUSUL Services, Hello University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne last year decided to restructure the way it supports commercial services to the two thriving student organisations, UMSU and GSA, and how it manages the retail tenancies that support student life and activity on campus.  The University saw this as an opportunity to refresh; times have moved on from when MUSUL was established thirteen years ago as a 100% owned subsidiary of the University. The controls around the governance of student unions have improved, SSAF has been re-introduced and the need for an independently managed building for student facing lifestyle and food needs has evolved as well.

Based on this, the University and MUSUL embarked upon the orderly transfer of Corporate Services which support Student Associations plus Commercial Services to University Services and discussions with MUSUL to achieve closure or transfer to University Services of Musul Commercial Services. This has now been completed, and TAG membership has been transferred to the University of Melbourne, to be administered by their Space Management - Infrastructure Service.

Welcome aboard University of Melbourne!