Main Image - FUSA students waive copyright of consent campaign to drive national action against rape culture

FUSA students waive copyright of consent campaign to drive national action against rape culture

In response to the National Report on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment at Australian Universities (2017), a group of students from Flinders University, South Australia believed that they could do something pretty special.  They created a campus-wide campaign from the ground up, reflecting their campus culture and the things they think everyone needs to appreciate – consent, respect and empathy.

The campaign is called Be a Better Human, because it isn’t just about what shouldn’t be done; it’s about self-improvement for everyone and encourages everyone who is part of any campus community to take a moment and consider how we can all ‘better’ our behaviour.

In very exciting news for TAG Members, copyright has been waived for the campaign material and content! This means that the campaign is freely available to student organisations across Australia,  and internationally to help drive national action against rape culture.  

This has encouraged many campuses and organisations around Australia to get on board with support and moves to adopt the campaign, including:

  • University of South Australia Student Association (USASA)
  • Australian National University Students Association (ANUSA)
  • Newcastle University Students Association (NUSA)
  • Curtin Student Guild
  • University of Western Australia Student Guild
  • Edith Cowan University Guild
  • National Union of Students (NUS)
  • End Rape on Campus Australia (EROC)

All details and instructions to access these royalty free tools and materials to start your own campaign on your campus are available in this website under Management Resources and Student Outcomes.

If you’re interested in being a better human too, please don’t just stop there – there is more to see, hear and do at FUSA’S ‘Be A Better Human’ webpage

Join the discussion online with #BeABetterHuman.