Main Image - EOY - Time to collaborate, celebrate, and create

EOY - Time to collaborate, celebrate, and create

Our Productivity Ninja friends are able to facilitate end of year events for organisations to help their teams

  • Collaborate to review the year that was and gain clarity on the needs of their team in the new “hybrid” working world of 2021.
  • Celebrate the achievements of the team; highlighting how productivity has been maintained or improved and focusing their attention on their ongoing wellbeing
  • Create a shared vision of a relaxing holiday season to recharge and reset and to create a shared vision of what they hope 2021 will look like

EOY events are key to bookmarking this crazy year and helps to show teams they are valued and respected. Think Productive provides a safe forum for reflection, resetting, and celebration with practical tools and processes to guide them through.

Contact Julie Jones at [email protected] or on 0434115 755 to discuss.

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