Main Image - Enter Study Ninja!

Enter Study Ninja!

Our friends at Productivity Ninja are enjoying great success with making our TAG members more productive. Now, as one would expect given our collective role in the student services sector, they have developed the logical next step in productivity training: Study Ninja!

The NEW Study Ninja workshop program is now up and running after great response to their pilot programs. Feedback from members is that these workshops are particularly valuable for those who are taking on student leadership roles. 

The deeper students get into their studies, the more potential there is for 'everyday life' to get in the way. It can be overwhelming. Making space for studying, working, socialising, having a 'life' is half the battle. Feeling good about it is the other half! 

The Ninja Study workshops will (re)ignite their passion for learning and self-care with Ninja-style mindset, skills, habits, tips and tricks. A Study Ninja is calm and prepared, but also skilled and ruthless in how they deal with the many enemies of productivity and well-being. 

The workshops are a dynamic combination of presentation, group discussion and individual action planning, that will handle and engage any number of participants. Your students will come away with inspirations and individual action plans to help develop Study Ninja™ level skills. They will have new ideas and will have been introduced to the 9 Characteristics of the Study Ninja, and help on how to identify specific ways they can be implemented.

If you want to explore Study Ninja workshops for your students, please contact Julie jones on [email protected] or on 0434 115 755 

Study Ninja will also be presented at CampusLink 19 at UTS in Sydney. 

Full details available below.