Main Image - Consistently good coffee, fast! Save money too.

Consistently good coffee, fast! Save money too.


University students and coffee go hand in hand. Campus cafes are exceptionally busy places.

It is widely accepted that students want good coffee and that most are prepared to wait for one. But then there are those who want good coffee...but fast!

Those of you who attended the recent TAG Unplugged at UQ in Brisbane would have seen the presentation from Red Parrot coffee.

Their story is simple and compelling; by installing one, or more, of their automatic coffee machines, you can

  • reduce wastage
  • increase yields
  • reduce labour costs
  • reduce queue times
  • serve consistently good coffee

Red Parrot not only have the machines, but also the beans.

All top quality, and sure to produce not only good fast coffee, but happy customers as well.

This is not a matter of moving away completely from you current coffee supplier and barista made coffees, but a perfect solution if you:

  • have an extra busy outlet when speed of service is critical
  • if you struggle to fill a roster with consistently good baristas, or
  • have an coffee opportunity such as a convenience store or bar where having a barista on hand is overkill

A Red Parrot solution is the perfect addition to your coffee arsenal.

Contact Tony Skippen at Red Parrot Coffee to discuss your challenges and needs on 0429 847 082 or at [email protected]