Main Image - Connect Your Students With the Top Tutors at Your University

Connect Your Students With the Top Tutors at Your University


Vygo believes in studying smarter, not harder. They have created an exciting new app that works with universities to engage, support and retain students by unlocking private peer-tutoring so all university students can get the most out of their degrees. Think of it as an Uber or AirBnB for students and tutors.

Vygo is:

  • Relevant. Vygo attracts tutors from all faculties who only tutor classes they've aced themselves.
  • Affordable. Tutors set their own rates and are half the price of traditional tutoring (on average).
  • Convenient. Students can book sessions when and where they need them (online and in-person).

Vygo also offers a 100% guarantee: if you're student is not entirely satisfied with their tutor, they'll fully refund them and find them another.

Developed by UQ students, Vygo is currently being used by QUT Guild, and is being rolled out by Monash Student Association.

Here's a little video that explains it all


Check out their website and see just how simple this idea is, then call Ben Hallett at Vygo on 0421 332 167 or contact him at [email protected] to discuss how you can provide your students with some really relevant support.