Main Image - CampusVibe Clubs Management platform - dreams can come true

CampusVibe Clubs Management platform - dreams can come true

A key focus of the TAG Clubs & Societies Committee over the past 12 months has been identifying the needs and wants of our members when it comes to C&S Management Platforms, and identify possible solutions. Here is how we went.....

Step 1 - thorough workshopping at CampusLink 2018 saw TAG's C&S Members develop this Top 10 list of collective priorities for a management system

  1. Database of memberships / users
  2. Open API for integration with third-party sites (Eventbrite, Shopify, university systems, admin & clubs booking systems)
  3. Excellent UX across multi-browser, mobile, platforms
  4. Multi-level access
  5. Customisable front and back: workflows, forms and docs
  6. Online payments and refunds with automated payments to sub-accounts
  7. Clear reporting and analytics
  8. Responsive technological support and training
  9. Communications capable of customisable messaging to customisable groups
  10. Affordability & data security

Step 2 - the committee met with key platform providers in Australia to identify whether TAG building a bespoke platform was a feasible option. The committee agreed that this was not an appropriate option and to further explore existing platforms.

Step 3 - the CampusVibe platform was identified as the most approporiate fit in meeting the Top 10 Priorities and a TAG Endorsed Supplier relationship was initiated to negotiate the best deal for our Members. 

Step 4 - CampusVibe will present the platform to the Members at CampusLink 2019 and be present at the Trade Fair for all of your questions and for live demos.

TAG is excited to move forward with this Endorsed Supplier relationship and would encourage you to explore the CampusVibe platform for yourself, contact Kiran directly for a virtual tour and attend the CampusVibe workshops at CampusLink Conference.