Main Image - Campus Comps 2020 now live

Campus Comps 2020 now live

It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of all three National Campus Competitions for 2020! These competitions are a great way to maintain engagement with students, particularly during a time of limited face-to-face contact- a way to utilise the additional time spent disconnected by connecting through art, words and sound.

The past few years have seen huge growth for the programs and as such, over recent months the programs have each undergone a full review, restructure, rebrand and we have simultaneously built a brand new, bespoke platform to facilitate them through. Phase one of the platform is live which includes submission functionality and news but there are still some additional features in the making including displaying of submissions, public voting and campus-specific landing pages.

The upcoming introduction of campus-specific landing pages means that you can facilitate localised comps and heats through the national platform - this is particularly useful for those who are unable to run physical events in the COVID19 climate and also for those who don't have the capability of (or interest in) running comps/heats themselves. It means you can source and allocate your own judges, prizes and opportunities using our platform's judging or voting functions, rather than needing to create your own. And best of all, your submissions will have access to the benefits of both their local and the national program with one submission. You will be able to:

  • view and share your submissions in real time
  • contact your submissions directly to offer local opportunities
  • provide access to localised reps to provide judging feedback
  • provide sponsors additional promotion opportunities via the News page

I would encourage you to take a look through the websites by clicking the images below, to familiarise yourself with them. Over the coming week, we will be hosting some online demonstrations of the sites which is your chance to see where they are at, what functions are still to come and how to engage your students with the platforms - times and links will be posted to the TAG Student Outcomes Facebook Group


A huge thanks to the competitions financial sponsors for 2020, Furphy and Red Bull who have come along for this exciting ride so far, and it's only just the beginning!