Main Image - Brandcrush offers TAG Members a FREE Concierge Service

Brandcrush offers TAG Members a FREE Concierge Service

What is Brandcrush?

Brandcrush is a marketing platform that connects brands with activation spaces. Think AirBnB for advertising opportunities! The platform is based around:

1. Activation Hosts - that's YOU (TAG Members)! A Business or Organisation that has physical customer reach eg events, sample boxes, public spaces 

2. Brands - a product, service or brand business looking for opportunities to advertise to their target audience

3. Activation Spaces - a sellable advertising opportunity, for example product sampling or floor space at events, gift with purchase, bag inserts, product displays, messages on countertops or menus etc

Check out the video below for a 30 second snapshot... 

Why does TAG like Brandcrush?

1. Easily manage bookings & spaces - list and manage your spaces on the platform for free and easily transact with brands; we only get paid when you get paid. Streamline the process of brand collaborations. 

2. Control collaborations - you decide which Brands can activate in your space and how they can activate. Appoint space managers to handle campus specific logistics but maintain approvals with management.  

3. Attract the right Brands - Brandcrush actively promotes your spaces to brands and agencies to ensure maximum opportunities to earn and enhance the student campus experience. 

4. Earn More, do less - monetize your existing foot traffic in a new and exciting way and make the process of managing brand activations a whole lot easier. 

What is the cost to TAG Members?

There are no set-up or subscription fees for Activation Hosts (TAG Members). Brandcrush only deducts a commission if you are successful with a booking. So they only get paid when you get paid. 

How Does Brandcrush help TAG Members?

As a TAG Member, when you engage with Brandcrush you receive a FREE Concierge Service. That means that you get a Customer Service Representative dedicated to helping you get your spaces uploaded, capturing professional photographs/images of your spaces and communicating your spaces to the brands who are looking to connect with your demographic.

Got questions? Want to list a space for free?

Check out the FAQ or contact Teresa Aprile