Main Image - Bonus free workshops from Productivity Ninja

Bonus free workshops from Productivity Ninja

How are you and your teams going with all the extended lockdowns around Australia? We're really feeling for everyone.

TAG’s 2021 Strategic Partners of the Year – the Productivity Ninjas at Think Productive Australia - put their heads together this week to think about how they could support as many people as possible during this stressful time, and they are now offering a bonus workshop with every workshop booked. 

So, from now until the end of August, they are here to support you and your students and/or staff with 2 for 1 workshops focused specifically on helping with productivity and wellbeing during lockdown.  

The free bonus workshop could be delivered by your campus, or can be gifted (or passed on) to one of your support businesses, or a club or society that you think could use the support.

Please get in touch with Julie to discuss what your people need right now.

If you're looking for inspiration, these have been the most popular workshops during COVID:

Ninja Julie can provide great support for you and your team in these difficult and constantly changing times. The programs are very user friendly and practical so reach out to her asap for a chat.

Julie Jones | Productivity Ninja

E: [email protected] | M: 0434 115 755

Please note:

- this offer is for new workshop bookings delivered virtually during July and August only.
- to ensure we can "share the love", offer is limited to 2 workshops (plus 2 bonus) per client.
- offer available to clients based in Australia / NZ only.