Main Image - Betiquette - promote student wellbeing at campus bars

Betiquette - promote student wellbeing at campus bars

"Show some Betiquette" is a campaign run by Liquor & Gaming NSW to help punters keep their betting impulses under control and show what responsible gambling looks like.

This campaign targets young adult males, aged 18-35, who are more at risk of problem gambling than any other age group. With finals football and spring racing carnivals coming up and the increase in betting activity, this is an ideal opportunity for campus bars to get involved and help promote student well-being.

From the end of September through to the end of November, NSW campus bars are being asked to display a range of quirky and unique campaign posters and use the campaign coasters. Liquor & Gaming NSW will print the posters and coasters and also deliver to campus bars, so get involved and 'Show some Betiquette'!

To get involved, contact:

Nicole Lestal

Campaign Manager, Liquor & Gaming NSW

02 9995 0365

0432 382 868

[email protected]