Main Image - Are you in need of some positiviT?

Are you in need of some positiviT?

The positiviT project is the new focus of former QUT Guild General Manager and TAG Chair, Paul Clayton. The organisation aims to improve the lives of companies, staff, and students by utitlising positivity and developing resilience.

The first side of the project is presentations resources around mental wellbeing and focusing on positivity every day to achieve greater outcomes. This can be for the staff, officers or members and delivered online or in person.

The second side of the project is support on delivery of projects in the student services sector, providing project based resource and consultancy to provide an extra team member with a wealth of experience in our sector coupled with positivity and energy to invigorate the team and help you smash your goals.

Check out the postiviT project's overview below. If you feel that you or your team could do with some extra positviT, reach out to Paul at [email protected] or on 0403 745 024