Update to TAG Endorsed Suppliers for Diaries

Jun 2017

Somersault have advised TAG that they are ending their endorsed supplier partnership with TAG effective immediately.… Read more

TAG Online Student Board Induction Course

May 2017

Welcome to TAG's much anticipated online Student Board Induction Course!… Read more

TAG extends its consulting reach

May 2017

As an extension of our regular consulting, we now offer an amplified food and beverage consultation service, Foodscape Tertiary Food...… Read more

The TAG FLAG flies again - your tool for responsible business

May 2017

Students and universities are increasingly active in demanding higher levels of responsible business on campus. Are you ahead of the...… Read more

Eventbrite: events made easy

Apr 2017

Eventbrite is the popular platform that allows event organizers to plan, promote, and sell tickets to events and publish them across...… Read more

Professional Hospitality Services for online induction and compliance programs

Jan 2017

Professional Hospitality are our newest TAG Endorsed Supplier, providing access for members to an advanced online food safety compliance...… Read more

TAG to introduce annual service fee

Sep 2016

Following on from the recent announcement that the TAG Board was introducing a member services fee, the fee scale was released to the...… Read more