Becoming A Member

TAG's strategic purpose is to empower our members with the capacity to…

  • deliver on their own goals
  • be part of a community of student service professionals
  • be recognised as valued partners in the higher education sector

TAG members are spread across more than 150 campuses – practically every university in Australia and several in New Zealand as well, along with a number of TAFEs.

TAG members provide services that include a vast and varied range of student support including:

  • welfare and advocacy
  • volunteering and outreach programs
  • cafes, food and beverage outlets and bars
  • stationery and convenience stores
  • events and activities
  • orientation weeks
  • national competitions 
  • sports and fitness
  • entertainment 
  • student director and clubs and society support

TAG is a co-operative owned and run by its 80-plus member organisations, which include universities, student unions, student guilds and associations, campus sports associations, as well as smaller campus groups. This means all TAG members are in close and constant touch with their student and staff customers and can pick up instantly on changes in this trend-conscious and demanding market.

To become a Member of the co-operative, your organisation MUST be a student services provider on a tertiary education institute. Membership is restricted to tertiary service providers and is by a once-only purchase of shares, the amount of which is dependent upon the number of students enrolled at the Member association’s tertiary institution:

  • with up to 5,000 students $200 (2,000 shares)
  • between 5,001 - 15,000 students $400 (4,000 shares)
  • more than 15,001 students $600 (6,000 shares)

After the initial share purchase, members pay an annual service fee at the start of each calendar year. This fee is calculated on student enrolments and the financial benefit of the member’s previous year of membership.

If you are ineligible for membership under the above criteria, please visit the Benefits Partner page to learn more about alternative means of participation with TAG.

From a commercial perspective, membership of TAG:

  • Provides far greater combined buying power than would be achieved by an individual institution regardless of size or location.
  • Enables members to improve their financial bottom line.
  • Supports members to better serve their student populations and overall customer base.
  • Provides national, regional, local and site-specific promotional strategies and benchmarking to drive sales and student engagement
  • Enables negotiations to be primarily carried out direct with the manufacturer or importer, eliminating wholesalers or agents and ensuring best possible pricing.
  • Strengthens the sector via a unified organisation, attracting and accessing national and regional marketing funds otherwise inaccessible to individual members.
  • Provides access to expert assistance via consultation, member interaction, shared knowledge and professional development.

Enquiries regarding Membership should be made via email to the Managing Director, Andrew Leontarou.

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