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If you are responsible for branding your organisation? Or spreading the news to your campus community and the wider world? Are you looking for deals, industry updates, resources, promotional  and sponsorship support and more? TAG now offers an opportunity for you to engage and network with likeminded people from other universities and TAFEs.

By empowering our members to engage, we can enhance the student experience on campuses throughout Australia.

Ways to Engage:

Information sharing: Send us your photos, tell us about your events, let us now about a great supplier agreement, share your resources, be involved in data collection.

Attend the TAG events: TAG Unplugged, TAG CAMP events, and CampusLink

Attend other campus events: Get to know what's happening on other campuses

Ask for help, provide tips and offer feedback: Join the Student Experience Facebook page, members can post a question to the group or email a member directly!

Join our communications: Sign up to our TAG newsletterslike our social pages, and join our groups.

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