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TAG Unplugged is another opportunity for members to do business, to see and be seen, to listen and learn and to connect with people that count. These more intimate events will be without all the bells and whistles of CampusLink...literally unplugged...and allow members to be engaged more personally with colleagues and selected supply partners who will have valuable and innovative products, ideas, information and services to introduce. It will also provide a face-to-face opportunity for members to be kept informed by the TAG administration throughout this year of integration. 

TAG Unplugged will occur quarterly throughout the year, in different states. The range of presentations will include product & supplier launches, TAG forums, committee updates, product training, benchmarking, and updates on related trends that affect our industry. TAG Unplugged is aimed at bringing not only the GMs and Operations Managers together, but also the Clubs, Activities, Marketing and Sports managers and/or co-ordinators as well.  

TAG Bootcamp is opportunity for our Student Outcomes members to gather with, listen to, learn from and connect with their peers. These one day events are designed to pack a punch, as well as provide a face-to-face opportunity for members to be kept informed by the TAG Student Outcomes Committee throughout the year, without having to travel too far from home. 

TAG Bootcamps are held throughout the year, in different states. The presentations are generally peer-led and aim to send delegates away with some real learnings and skills that can be applied to creating the best student experiences on their campuses.


Digital Networking - TAG prides itself on creating and enabling networking opportunities across Tertiary Student Services, we do it really well with physical events like CampusLink, CAMP and committee meetings but we have been working hard to increase digital networking opportunities for those times in between.

We have been rolling out private Facebook Groups set up within areas of interest, to encourage member-driven communication and to provide a platform for more immediacy of messaging. Based on the positive uptake, we have now rolled out four groups which are designed to share, learn and connect with your colleagues so please feel free to post questions, share resources and use this space to network with your peers.

Please take a moment to join the Facebook Group/s relevant to your role by clicking the link below:

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