The TAG FLAG - Our Responsible Business Profiling Tool


By today’s definition, good business governance requires planning for long term viability and taking responsibility for the effects our business decisions make on our global and local environments, communities and economies.

Universities are seen to be leading organisations, operating as best practice institutions in education, research and good governance. 

Tertiary institutions also provide the perfect environment and opportunities for students to flex their consumer voices and demand that their institutions meet globally aligned trends and expectations for sustainable goals and outcomes.

Tertiary Access Group members are an important interface between the tertiary students experience on campus and the wider world. TAG members are not only there to engage and support students but to provide vital services that underpin a student’s day to day requirements on campus while maintaining awareness of minimising impacts.

The TAG FLAG - Vendor Profiling Survey

TAG's most successful achievement in supporting good governance and ethical, sustainable procurement is the TAG FLAG - a comprehensive, best practice, vendor profiling tool. 

The TAG FLAG profiling survey aims to identify and promote companies that strive for a fair and ethical balance between all aspects of the triple bottom line - People, Planet, Profit and highlight the level of corporate responsibility promoted by TAG contract holders and suppliers. The program also supports the Sustainable Procurement ISO20400 guidelines.

Survey answers are rated against worldwide best practice, with the data being used to compile profiling reports against each company and their products (where relevant).

The profiling reports are designed to assist TAG members to improve their own good governance by understanding the operating practices of the business partners they engage with. Comparison charts within the program also provide TAG members with a snapshot of how competing companies and products rate against each other.

The TAG FLAG survey addresses a multitude of important facets of operations such as:

  • resource management policies
  • human, economic and environmental risks
  • supply chain protocols
  • manufacturing protocols
  • production and transportation policies
  • human rights and labour practices
  • overall corporate governance and impact responsibility

The TAG FLAG is also suitable for TAG members to track and measure their own organisation's performance and can be customised to capture targeted details relating to specific tenders or contracts.


SUPPLIERS - Registration in the TAG FLAG program is by invitation only. To be registered within the platform and complete the TAG FLAG Vendor survey please contact TAG’s CSR Coordinator: Shahrin Leontarou – P: 02 4322 1205 E: [email protected] - M: 0405 839 694.

TAG MEMBERS - Access to the library of TAG FLAG vendor surveys is for Financial Members of TAG only.

For details on how to access the survey library please contact TAG’s CSR Coordinator: Shahrin Leontarou – details above.

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