Our History

TAG formed in 1999 out of the Australasian Campus Union Managers' Association (ACUMA).Those managers identified they were all buying from the same suppliers, and by forming a single buying group they could deliver a better service more effectively. The abolition of compulsory student union fees in 2006 threatened some student associations with financial ruin, and TAG ably fulfilled its purpose. The introduction of voluntary union membership really drove our organisation.The numbers exploded.

ACUMA then focused on representation and professional development for tertiary service providers, while its bulk-buying activities were handled by the renamed Tertiary Access Group. In parallel with its rapid growth, TAG refined its activities to ensure that its nationwide membership shared equally in the advantages of a co-operative structure. 

The tertiary education sector was expanding fast, and TAG matched it by extending its benefits to tenanted service providers on campuses; our “benefit partners”.

However, as the tertiary services sector continued to be challenged by funding changes and fee deregulation debate, the question grew as to why multiple representative groups for campus services providers existed, when one - TAG - would be able to cover all bases most effectively, eliminating duplication of effort and costs.

In 2014, after years of debate, members resolved to allow more than the one constitutionally allowed member organisation per campus to join TAG. Sports associations and other campus organisations began to apply for membership.

In 2015, ACUMA closed it's doors and integrated wholly into TAG. AACA, the campus activities association, followed suit, and from 2016 , TAG has positioned itself to represent the needs of its members acoss a wide and diverse spectrum, all aimed at supporting and enhancing the student experience on Australian campuses nationally.

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