Become a Benefits Partner

TAG Benefits Partnership Agreements are designed for service providers operating outlets on tertiary institutes, who are not eligible to become a TAG Member.

Becoming a Benefits Partner:

  • Provides far greater combined buying power than would be achieved by an individual operator regardless of size or location, to improve the financial bottom line.
  • Helps you better serve your student populations and overall customer base.
  • Provides national, regional, local and site-specific promotional strategies to drive sales and student engagement.
  • Enables negotiations to be primarily carried out on a national level direct with the manufacturer or importer, eliminating wholesalers or agents, ensuring best possible pricing.

A TAG Benefits Partner can share in the savings enjoyed by TAG Members, under the sponsorship of a TAG Member, with approval of the Board of Directors and the collective TAG Member base.

TAG Benefits Partner Agreements are issued on a yearly fee basis for commercial candidates. Non-profit Benefit Partners are charged a once-only fee:

  • 0 – 5000 students on campus: $250
  • 5000 -15000 students on campus: $500
  • 15000+ students on campus: $750

As a TAG Benefits Partner, you are obligated to comply with the conditions of any TAG contract you may access.

Enquiries regarding applying for a TAG Benefits Partner Agreement should be made to [email protected]

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