It is TAG's view that companies actively embracing responsibility for the impact their business activities have on the world around them provide better outcomes for TAG members.  

By today’s definition, good business governance requires planning for long term viability while taking responsibility for the effects our business decisions make on our global and local environments, communities and economies.

The TAG FLAG Initiative aims to identify and promote companies that are not merely self interest driven but also strive for a fair and ethical balance between all aspects of the triple bottom line - People, Planet, Profit. As such, the TAG FLAG Initiative has been structured and designed to assist TAG members in improving their own good governance by understanding the governance practices of the business partners they engage with.

The TAG FLAG Initiative comprises a 2 part questionnaire process that is designed to identify the level of corporate responsiblity within the operating frameworks of TAG contract holders and suppliers. The questionnaires address multiple facets of operations including; resource management, supply chains, manufacturing, production and transportation policies plus overall corporate governance and responsibility.

The first questionnaire is the Company Profiling Survey which assesses company protocols and operating policies including supply chain analysis. The second questionnaire is the Product Profiling Survey which incorporates all current sustainability best practice protocol check lists including life cycle analysis.

Questionnaire answers are benchmarked and rated in accordance with best practice status and then calculated as overall percentages. The more sustainable management and socially responsible components indicated within the questionnaire answers, the higher the ‘green’ rating for that particular company or product category.

TAG foresees businesses who genuinely respond to the challenges of responsible and sustainable commerce as not only returning a vital element to global business but gaining wider consumer respect as well. Increasing demand for this type of business ethics within the tertiary sector ensures a thriving interest in the ongoing contributions these businesses make.

TAG FLAG questionnaires will be available for completion shortly:

Product Survey       Company Survey

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