Organisational Profile

TAG is governed by an elected Board of Directors. Operational control is managed by the Managing Director, Andrew Leontarou and supported by the "TAG Team", our office team. Individual committees develop and promote specific areas of teritary services with designated representatives from the TAG Board and the TAG office. 

With the exception of the Executive Director and the TAG Team, all roles are held by volunteers.

If you are keen to add your ideas and expertise to any of the groups listed below, please contact Andrew Leontarou via email.




Student Experience (events and activities)

  • April West (Wollongong Unicentre)
  • Reece Wheadon (Curtin Student Guild)
  • Shane Lawtey (Melbourne Polytechnic)
  • Tone Gibson (University of Newcastle)
  • Andrew Scotford (CITSA, and TAG director)
  • Sally Bird (TAG)

Information Resource (management resources)

  • Michael Axelsen (CITSA)
  • Michael Maas (Yourimbah)
  • Allan Harkin (ANU Union)
  • Geoff Brooke-Smith (Activate UTS and TAG director)
  • Siobhan Frost (TAG)

Leadership Development (professional development)

  • Mitch Trevena (Bendigo Student Association)
  • Shelley Valentine (Arc @ UNSW)
  • Lowan Sist (Monash Student Association and TAG director)
  • Andrew Woodward (University of Sydney Union and TAG director)
  • Shahrin Leontarou (TAG)

Buying (contracts and supplier relationships)

  • Nicole Bunting (uwsconnect)
  • Blair Ivens (UQ Union)
  • Steve Cooper (Wollongong Unicentre)
  • Ryan Fox (University of Sydney Union)
  • Bryan Hill (Griffith University Campus Life and TAGG director)
  • Andrew Leontarou (TAG managing director)

Other committees will be convened when required. These will include.

  • Communication 
  • Sport & Fitness
  • CampusLink Conference
  • CampusLink Awards


The nation is divided into five regions for TAG purposes.


  • Eastern: NSW and ACT
  • Northern: Queensland and NT
  • Southern: Victoria and Tasmania
  • Southern Central: SA
  • Western: WA

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