The TAG objective is to enable all member associations, regardless of size or geographic location, to access volume discounts by leveraging the cooperative’s combined buying power as well as its reach into the lucrative 18-24 demographic market.

As a cooperative, decisions are based upon what are the best interests of the collective membership. Members participate in supply contracts on a voluntary basis. All members have input into decisions made regarding contracts for the supply of products for resale or services, on a one vote per Member association basis.

TAG believes that creating community on campuses in order to enhance the student experience is of paramount importance and that commercial effectiveness through strong contracts and agreements underpins the ability to deliver this experience.

Our values are best summarised as:

Size: We recognise that we need to maximise our size as well as to think and behave as a major buyer to ensure best possible price and terms are achieved for the members. We value size in terms of trade activity whilst retaining a minimalist administrative and operations business model.

Participation: We value the collective buying power and active involvement of all our members in both identifying buying opportunities and supporting agreed supply contracts. We value the voluntary, labour and support provided by members in both the governance of our organisation as well as supporting management and operations functions.

Partnerships: We are committed to working in partnership with members, suppliers and tertiary bodies to ensure a mutually beneficial and commercially sustainable relationship.

National Focus: We recognise the responsibility of being a national organisation and will ensure that we reflect this in our representative role and in our consultative and input roles.

Transparency: We at all times disclose both our intentions and our activities and ensure that we at least bi-annually report to our members all aspects of our governance, risk management, operations and finances. We utilise the web site to promulgate transparency.

Disciplined and Timely: We value the importance of being disciplined, efficient and focussed with our time and resources. We also recognise the importance of timeliness in our buying, support and information dissemination.

 As a result, membership of TAG:

  • Provides far greater combined buying power than would be achieved by an individual institution regardless of size or location, enabling members to achieve enhanced bottom line financial results
  • Helps members better serve their student populations and overall customer base
  • Provides national, regional, local and site-specific promotional strategies to drive sales and student engagement
  • Can offer assistance through suppliers with shop fittings and promotional material
  • Enables negotiations to be primarily carried out direct with the manufacturer or importer, eliminating wholesalers or agents, ensuring best possible pricing
  • Strengthens a unified entity that attracts and accesses national and regional marketing funds otherwise inaccessible to individual members

Enquiries regarding Membership should be made to the General Manager, Andrew Leontarou

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