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TAG Benefits Partnership Agreements are designed for service providers operating outlets on tertiary institutes only, who do not meet the eligibility criteria of TAG Membership.

A TAG Benefits Partner is afforded prescribed benefits through access to TAG contract pricing under the sponsorship of a TAG Member or the TAG Board of Directors, and with approval of the Board and Members.

BPAs represent an opportunity to share in the savings shared by Members and are issued on a yearly fee basis for commercial candidates. Non-profit Benefit Partners are are charged a once-only fee:

0 – 5000 students on campus: $250
5000 -15000 students on campus: $500
15000+ students on campus: $750

The BPA holder is obligated to comply with the conditions of any TAG contract to which the BPA provides access

Enquiries regarding applying for a BPA should be made to the General Manager, Andrew Leontarou

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